Plant List

Our capabilities are second to none. We constantly invest in the best and regularly update all our plant and equipment by visiting the UK's best manufacturers of printing and fabrication equipment.  We are often the first company in the UK to install our latest machines as we strive to keep ahead of industry in order to offer you the best and most competitive services.  


Our Latest Plant List - updated February 2018



AGFA Anapurna M2050 Flatbed Printer

Prints direct to virtually any substrate – UV cured ink, 2050mm media width 



1 x Mimaki JV-33

High Quality digital print to 2.6m

1 x Mimaki JV300-160 Standard

Hi Speed hi Quality– over 100sm per hour – or Photographic quality print to 1.6m utilising 2 print heads simultaneously

1 x Mimaki JV300-160 Specialised, with 6 colour print for exceptional photographic detail

Hi Speed hi Quality– over 100sm per hour – or Photographic quality print to 1.6m utilising 6 colour print

Mimaki UJF-3042MK.11

State of the art A3 LED UV printer with white ink and spot varnish, which can print direct to substrates up to 153mm thick. Ideal for POS and promotional items

Mistral 2100 Laminator

Laminates to 2.1m

Vivid Easymount Laminator 1580SH

Laminates to 1.5m

Vivid Easymount Laminator 2100SH

Laminates to 2.0 m



2 x Mimaki cutting plotter CG-160 FXII

Plots and cuts vinyl

Rolls Roller 540 flatbed applicator 5m x 1960mm

Easy application of vinyls, graphics and print with a working area of 2.2m x 5.4m


CNC Flatbed Router AXYZ 6010

3m x 2m and to a depth of 80mm output 25m per minute

AXYZ Trident Hi-Speed 6010 CNC Router

With additional ability to cut metals, score material and output to 50m per minute

Diamond Polisher Bermac

Buffs, polishes and finishes in one for exceptional clarity

2 x RS1290 CO2 Laser Cutter and Engraver

each with a bed size of 1200 mm x 900mm 


Jet Planer


3 x Microwelder Model B flame polishers


Gate Turret milling machine


Automated Shannon heat bender


Small heat bender


Genlab oven

2m x 900mm for drape moulding and oven forming

 VACUUM FORMING AND OTHER                                                                            



Formech Vacuum former FP2

1300mm  x 600mm size capability approx  100mm draw depth

Sip 12 inch heavy duty table saw


Welder and assorted other machinery


Overhead Router





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