Product Design

Product Design is another string to our bow

There's nothing 'off the shelf' about Key2 Group.  We work with you to make sure you we help you achieve your aims.  Of course, there are certain regular products that are requested by many customers but each is made completely to order.  But the majority of our work is unique to YOUR project.

So with this in mind, we also offer a full in-house UK-based product design service, to enable you to hit the target every time. So talk to our UK creative design team.

We offer a support service of full product design, with CAD, artwork, renders and, most of all, firendly, expert advice, to help your POS, project or brand really stand out

Our experienced and creative design team is passionate about helping you develop your ideas and will help create superb retail, corporate or project-specific designs from scratch if you wish. Full graphics and IT design technology, whether working to - or re-working - your engineering drawings, advising on the suitability of material for your project or even interpreting your ‘scribbles on the back of an envelope’.

Your project from design to completion

Watch your project spring to life with anything from basic line sketches to fully rendered CAD drawings and superimposed visuals to allow you to glimpse the future before your final work is created.  And we are friendly and approachable too, speaking your language – no gobbledegook!  

We operate the latest design technology and software. We also regularly invest in new equipment and services to ensure we are always able to offer you the very best option for your project.

Why not come and visit us at our Hampshire, UK premises and see our design studio in action and take a look at lots of previous examples and past projects to help fire your imagination?

If your question is something like 'can you make some like this, but in red, and bigger, but with a curved front...' or ''I have seen this on Google and want something like this, so can you make one?' the answer is always 'yes!'

Just talk to us; we love a challenge.

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